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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Holder



Mrs Blyth

(Deputy Headteacher, LKS2 Phase Leader & Y3 Teacher)


Miss Ioannou

(Assistant Headteacher, UPKS2 Phase Leader & Y6 Teacher)


Mrs Fancett

(Inclusion Manager)


Mrs Hughes

(KS1 Phase Leader & Y2 Teacher)


Miss Miller

(Foundation Stage Phase Leader & Nursery Teacher)


Project Leaders


Mrs Jones

(Computing Project Leader & Y6 Teacher)


Mr Kilpatrick

(Pupil Voice Project Leader & Y5/6 Literacy Teacher)


Mrs Pearman

(Science Project Leader & Y4 Teacher)


Mrs Ryan

(Project Leader for Play in the Early Years & Reception Teacher)


Miss Georgiou

(Project Leader for PE & Y2 Teacher)



Mrs Bugden

(Nursery Teacher)


Miss Mann

(Reception Teacher)


Mr Gilbert

(Reception Teacher)


Miss Boniface

(Y1 Teacher)


Miss Kilmister

(Y1 Teacher)


Mrs Howell

(Y2 Teacher)


Miss Arkell

(Y3 Teacher)


Mrs Gardner

(Y3 Teacher)


Miss Dowie

(Y3 Teacher)


Mrs Laudat

(Y4 Teacher)


Mrs Pearman

(Y4 Teacher)


Mrs Kabir

(Y4 Teacher)


Mr Lewis

(Y5 Teacher)


Miss Fuller

(Y5 Teacher)