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After School Enrichment Clubs

After School Enrichment Clubs


At Whitehall, we believe that doing things outside of the classroom plays a vital role in children’s education.   Extra-curricular activities are one of the ways to support children to have greater opportunities to valuable life experiences such as bonding with others in or outside of their year group, aspiring to learn more about subjects/areas that are not usually part of the day-to-day curriculum or finding a skill that they would like to peruse in more depth.


Research shows that the breadth of extra-curricular activities, spanning the musical, artistic, scientific,  social and sporting domains, are widely considered valuable life experiences that should be open to all young people.    Activities such as being a member of a sports team, learning a musical instrument are thought to be enriching life experiences. Apart from their inherent value, it is often claimed that young people can also develop positive tangible outcomes from these experiences of interacting and working with others through organised extra-curricular activities, which could benefit them in later life.


We aim to offer a variety to clubs across the year groups.  Clubs will run for a term.  Our aim is that children have the opportunity to attend a club for at least a half term during the academic year. 


Elms sports, will recommence sports clubs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.


Please see the letters section of the website to find this terms letter regarding the booking of clubs. 


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