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Welcome to Whitehall Primary School.


One of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime is about your child’s education.

The first steps into the nursery setting are the first in a long journey which will see each young person grow and develop through childhood and adolescence into adulthood.


At Whitehall Primary School, we aim to offer children the best life chances possible to start them on this journey. We offer high standards of teaching and learning, high expectations in terms of behaviour and conduct and an exciting and stimulating curriculum which will support and challenge your child from nursery to Year 6. All this is offered in a safe and secure environment where each child is treated as an individual and diversity is valued and celebrated.


We also wholeheartedly encourage a successful partnership with home as we know how positively this can impact on a child’s progress and development.


This prospectus will help you to get a feel for the school, for its ethos, its values and its approaches to education. You may also wish to view the school’s latest OFSTED inspection report and its website for further information


However, there is nothing like coming along for a school visit and drinking up the atmosphere to help you decide whether Whitehall Primary is for you and your child.  


School visits take place each Thursday morning. Please telephone the school office to arrange a tour. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Mrs J. A. Holder





At Whitehall Primary School we aim to:


  • Create a welcoming environment in which all members of the community feel safe, secure, happy and valued.
  • Foster independence; inspire improvement; fulfil potential; celebrate achievement.
  • Promote respect and a sense of responsibility for ourselves, each other, and our local and global communities.