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Burnet News

Year 6 have had the opportunity to explore current events through the renowned Burnet News Club. The Burnett News Club is run by the Economist Educational Foundation; a charitable foundation set up to provide high-quality educational resources to inspire all children to learn about the news and current affairs.

Burnet News Club focuses on a variety of skills such as: critical thinking; problem-solving; understanding of how the world works; storytelling; and negotiation. This has allowed for pupils to work on their collaborative skills as well as articulating themselves in an explicit and concise manner, being respectful of other people’s thoughts and opinions and inspiring them to be a part of the wider community. These skills are built up through a series of current affairs topics. Each half term provides a current topic to study. Some of the topics we have explored together this year have been: politics around The American Election; The Future of Work; Protest; and Building Back Greener.

Here are some thoughts from our children on The Burnet News Club: 


“Burnet News Club is a beneficial way to express and elaborate on our own opinions whilst having the opportunity to debate in a safe environment with my peers. It educates us on the current events occurring worldwide and allows us to explore these topics in a creative and enjoyable way.”

“I really enjoy debating news topics and world problems with my classmates; I get to hear about their opinions which are always interesting. I also like to learn about these topics as we wouldn’t usually explore them within our normal lessons.”


You can find out more information on The Burnet News Club here:


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