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Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Philosophy for Children (P4C) 


In a fast moving world where information is readily available, we believe that individuals need the right tools to enable them to develop their own knowledge and opinions rather than be content with the thinking of others.


P4C is a key tool in developing an analytical and questioning mind. It allows us to be autonomous in an information driven society. We use P4C throughout the key stages to encourage open dialogue, a questioning mindset and critical thinking. When we ask the right questions, we succeed as a thinker. When we promote confident and creative thinking, this empowers an individual to approach new situations or challenges without fear.



To ponder philosophical concepts through a structured and safe environment



  • Protected time within the school timetable

  • Exploration of the four critical skills used in P4C to develop thinking skills

  • P4C lead

  • 10 step structure of developing thoughts, ideas and how we can express ourselves

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