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Whitehall Primary School Assessment Statement

Whitehall Primary School

Assessment Statement


A new National Curriculum has been introduced and with it new statutory assessment regulations, with the new statutory assessment and testing regulations to be introduced in 2016.

The National Curriculum Levels we have been using for a number of years are to be removed; they will no longer be core to this process of assessment.

We have been working as a whole school to design and to implement new teacher assessment that suits the needs of our learners. Continual Professional Development has helped us prepare for this.

Our assessment practices will continue to provide information about pupils’ attainment and progress.  Additionally our assessment procedures will continue to give attention to helping pupils to meet or exceed age related expectations and achieve the highest standards they can at each stage of their learning.


Following the removal of National Curriculum levels of attainment schools are expected to:


  • Demonstrate their assessment of pupils progress
  • Keep parents and carers informed of attainment and progress
  • Enable governors to make judgements about schools effectiveness
  • Inform Ofsted inspections.



In line with the 2014 National Curriculum attainment will now be measured against age related expectations in Key Stages One and Two.


Levels will be replaced with the following codes:


Year 1 Emerging

Year 1 Developing

Year 1 Secure

Year 2 Emerging

Year 2 Developing

Year 2 Secure

Year 3 Emerging

Year 3 Developing

Year 3 Secure

Year 4 Emerging

Year 4 Developing

Year 4 Secure

Year 5 Emerging

Year 5 Developing

Year 5 Secure

Year 6 Emerging

Year 6 Developing

Year 6 Secure