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RE Curriculum


Whitehall Primary follows the agreed Religious Education syllabus for the schools in Waltham Forest, created by the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE). 



To explore the questions about life; impact of faith and beliefs on how we, and others, live



  • SACRE scheme of work for Waltham Forest
  • Posing and pondering on Big Questions
  • Making connections between ourselves and others
  • Using trips, visits and special people to deepen our understanding
  • Engendering a culture of celebration and of inclusivity and diversity



  • Children develop their awareness of a range of religions and world views
  • Children are able to make informed and respectful contributions to questions posed
  • Children are able to share their beliefs in a safe environment where their contributions are valued and celebrated
  • Children experience trips and visits to religious places of worship and have the opportunity to make connections, and find differences and similarities between themselves and others 

Whitehall Primary - Whole School R.E Overview

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