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English Curriculum 


English Intent

For pupils to be avid readers, confident writers and effective communicators



  • Focus on phonics and systematic teaching of reading throughout the school
  • Reading Reconsidered provides a structured approach to reading and high quality texts
  • Writing is embedded in rich experiences and challenging subject matter
  • Planning, feedback and assessment is closely linked to challenge misconceptions and move learning on
  • Audience and purpose, alongside composition and effect, are key elements of all English planning



  • Children are confident and fluent readers and can use reading as a tool to develop themselves intellectually, culturally and socially.  
  • Children are articulate speakers who effectively use the spoken language to communicate their ideas and values, whilst being able to listen to those of others.
  • Children use ambitious vocabulary and creativity to convey their ideas in their written work, adapting their writing to meet the needs of the audience and purpose.

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