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To have a strong sense of ourselves, our identity and our relationships and how the impact they have.  All aspects of the curriculum support the children to use the school as a safe space to question, challenge and use critical thinking skills to develop a healthy understanding of self and others and to celebrate similarities and differences.




  • Through a progressive and ambitious framework that is sequenced well and builds on concepts and prior knowledge 
  • Coram SCARF schemes of work for all aspects of the PSHCE curriculum which includes RSE, financial and economic wellbeing and repairing and building healthy relationships
  • Rights Respecting principles
  • Behaviour Policy
  • School culture and values
  • The use of strong pupil voice
  • P4C
  • Place2Be




  • Children are confident in themselves and their identity,  and have good self-esteem.
  • Children understand how healthy relationships work and how to create and maintain them. Children know how to keep themselves and others safe.
  • Children use their voice to affect change.


Our PSHE and RSE policy can be found here

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