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Code of Conduct for Parents and Visitors

Dear parents and carers of Whitehall Primary School,


We are writing to follow up recent communication from Whitehall Primary School where we sought parents to put together a working party to clarify what it means to choose to be part of this school community and expectations in interactions with the school.


We know the vast majority of our parents are extremely polite, kind and courteous in all communications with the school. You know the role you play in representing the school well and understand the importance of supporting the school and what this means for your own child/ren’s well-being. Children and families flourish when partnerships are positive and parents understand and support the school they choose for their children to attend.


Reluctantly, we, as a governing body are having to write to you due to recent communications and negative interactions from a very small number of parents who have attempted to cause disharmony to the running of the school and to staff morale. These constant negative communications impact on teachers’ ability to care for all of the children in their care and impacts the equity of provision for all the children at Whitehall Primary School.


Unfortunately, we have also seen a small number of families who have posted unsavoury comments regarding the school on social media platforms and tried to incite a campaign against the school. We have been on a period of change for 4 years now- we have all made the choice to attend and remain at Whitehall as we know that our provision is strong and the children are safe and happy here.


We hope the code of conduct will help support us share the valuable resources the school has. At your behest, we have also added in measures for parents who talk in a defamatory manner about the school in public forums. Just like your children, and all of us, staff have to feel safe and supported to co-parent our children with us. In speaking negatively about staff we inadvertently harm ourselves and more importantly, all of our children.


We thank you for the many messages of support already received and appreciate your continued support as your children progress throughout their time at Whitehall. 


Warmest regards,

Aletha Saunders and Kenny Frederick

 Co-chair of Governors on behalf of Whitehall Primary School


Please click here to see a copy of the Code of conduct

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