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Contingency plans for Tuesday 13th December

 Dear parents,


We wanted to let you know of contingency plans we are trying to put in place for tomorrow. 


Whilst main roads and most side roads are manageable and mostly clear, Normanton Park, and our car park for staff access, is a big issue re school opening. Staff tried to get in to work today, and, for those of you who were using Normanton Park yourself, you may have experienced now treacherous the side streets were and how many cars have been abandoned due to how dangerous it has been to drive. Staff who did make it into work had to be shovelled out; the opening to the carpark and surrounding access pathways were icy with compacted snow causing all cars to skid and slide. Our fear is for the below zero temperatures forecasted for tonight and black ice tomorrow which may become a serious safety hazard. 


There are also proposed train strikes planned for tomorrow which will impact staff getting into work. 


As such, we are preparing remote work for the children to complete, should families wish to use them.  If we do have to make the decision to close, we will make an assessment of the site and notify you by 7:30am, at the latest, if school will not be open.  


If we are not open, lessons will be posted onto remote learning page on our website.  These will not be live lessons to ease pressures for all our families during this time.  


The decision to close the school is never easy and we will make an assessment as soon as we are able to re how we can best manage the situation for all concerned and site access and safety for children and staff. 


Thank you for your continued support and understanding, as always. 


Zakia Khatun
Head Teacher
Whitehall Primary School

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