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Year 6 Leavers' Event

Dear Parents/Carers of Y6,


You may have seen the following information in last week’s newsletter:

The end of primary school is a key milestone for Y6, their families, and their friends as well. I am sure we can all think back to what the end of primary school felt like for us and how quickly our own identity and sense of self can shift as we transition into secondary school. Like all relationships and changes, this can be difficult to traverse unless it has been marked and we have all reached some sort of closure. Unfortunately, we cannot give this time back again to our current Y6 cohort; however, we did want them to know how much they will be missed and for them to have it marked as a big moment in their lives.


We are planning to close school to all groups on 16th July to enable us to allow our Y6 cohort to meet together for one last time before they leave us. For some of our children this will mark the end of 7 years of being at Whitehall. We will ensure that children are able to socially distance and will use the field. Each class will be invited in separately and they will not be at school for longer than 1 hour. This will also mean that no bubbles will be broken and staff will not be travelling in and out of bubbles. It will also allow children to see staff that they will not have seen since being back - some of whom who have been a part of their lives for a very long time.


We are very pleased to invite your child to this event at the following times:


Friday 17th July, 2020


Pupils from 6J


Pupils from 6G



During the time your child is with us, we will celebrate their achievements at Whitehall; provide individually bagged picnic food; enjoy some fun outdoor activities and provide them with a keepsake to mark their time at Primary school.


Pupils will be allowed to bring cameras, or camera phones, to take photos of the occasion. These are brought to school at pupils’ own risk and must not be used for any other reason whilst on school premises. No pictures from school should be uploaded onto any social media platform and are for personal use only. We would greatly appreciate it if you could talk to you children about the issues around this and monitor to ensure that the children adhere to this. We will do the same in school.


We ask that pupils are dropped off and collected promptly at the above times, in order to continue to observe social distancing. Your child’s class teacher will call you within the coming days to confirm their attendance.


We look forward to marking such an important milestone and providing pupils with a well-earned ‘farewell’ before they leave us for a new chapter in their lives. 


We thank you in advance for your support.

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